Jonathan Chaloux: the new E-180 Community Engagement Officer

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Jonathan is the new community engagement officer. He supports ambassadors and members, creates and edits content for the social media, and develops strategies to enhance the E-180 experience for its members. His charisma and curiosity led him on an eclectic path. After studying Movie Making in college and Philosophy in university, he embarked on a voyage for 2 years, during which he lived in Vietnam, the Canadian Rockies and finally Mexico, where he discovered the warmth of latin culture. Upon returning to Quebec, he now resides in Montreal, the mecca… | »»»

100in1day: meetings to create the city of our dream!

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Come (by yourself or with friends) and participate in the ECTO Créatoire, taking place on September 19th, from 6pm to 8pm, to imagine your special iniative to be unveiled during 100in1day Montreal, on October 5th! Confirm your presence so we can prepare enough food for everyone! Thanks to Lisa Gravel for her explication of 100in1day!— On October 5th, 2013, Montrealers like you and I will perform 100 interventions to improve our city and foster our communities. What is it? 100in1day is a global movement for citizen-powered change and collaboration, which… | »»»

Knowledge Market – Swap your plant on Santropol Roulant’s rooftop

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You want to know how to become the best juicer in town? To grow blueberries on your balcony? To raise bees on your rooftop? Or maybe your thumb is so green you don’t know how to preserve all the produce you grow…? Next Tuesday, on the beautiful Santropol Roulant’s rooftop, will be held our next Knowledge Market on Urban Agriculture / Gardening: the perfect opportunity to answer all your questions on the subject: even the craziest! (Have you ever thought about growing peanuts? It’s quite impressive!) During the evening, not… | »»»

Knowledge Market: Urban Agriculture Edition

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The rough winter months are now behind us and it’s time to burst out those gloves, rakes and sprouts! I for one am interested, after this long Siberian season, in diversifying the greenery that constitutes my backyard. The tomatoes and herbs are classics, but why not try pumpkins, melons, or peanuts? So many options! Where to start? The solution: a Knowledge Market, Urban Agriculture Edition! This time, not only will you be able to share knowledge with the other participants at the event, but, with your donations, you’ll help perpetuate… | »»»

Knowledge Market – Travel edition… pack your bags, we’re off!

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A couple weeks ago you read about something about {insert country} that tickled your curiosity. Images have been scrolling in your mind and you find your to do list has been growing longer. You only have two weeks of vacation… How are you going to plan everything and fully enjoy this trip? Maybe it’s better not to plan anything, maybe it’s better to stay in Quebec, annnnnd the anxiety rolls in…. The solution: The Knowledge Market, Travel edition! Since we’ve come to the time of year where we’re planning our… | »»»