Learning & Conferences : 8 Takeaways from Doha GOALS

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E-180 is back from Qatar, where we put our matchmaking expertise in peer learning to the benefit of the Doha GOALS 2013 conference, an event organised by Richard Attias & Associates about the social and economical impacts of sports. One thousand attendees from all over the world, hundreds of meetings via our platform COMMUNITY CONNECT and dozens more in our COMMUNITY CONNECT Live Space. What did we learn about the importance of connections at conferences from this amazing experience? Here are our 8 takeaways!   A New Kind of Darwinism Registering… | »»»

E-180 connects the participants of Doha GOALS 2013

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Stronger from C2-MTL’s experience, E-180 will connect the participants of the Doha GOALS 2013 forum via our customized platform, specifically designed for the event. Doha GOALS is a 3-day forum that gathers world leaders and top stakeholders – CEOs, governments officials, athletes, NGOs, federation heads, urban developers, coaches, managers and medical experts – to advance individual development and social improvement through sport. 3 days. Thousand of attendees. How to fully benefit from all the human potential gathered in Qatar for the conference? By connecting through our matchmaking platform called Community… | »»»

Rebranding Education with Feast on Good

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  Feast on Good, a New York based conference, inspired us with their timely question « Why is it so hard to turn what you learn at school into real-life skills? ». In order to partake in the global conversation, E-180 hosted a dinner on October 18th at ECTO, the Montreal cooperative co-working space where our headquarters are located. We invited people from different backgrounds to share a home cooked meal, in an open atmosphere where each felt they could share their opinion and be heard. Here are the fruits of that… | »»»