Braindater at StartupFest: learn from people around you!

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Braindater - E-180


After testing Braindater at C2 Montréal, we’re glad to announce that we are the official connexion app of the International Startup Festival, launching tonight in Montreal!

Who at Startupfest could benefit from your passion and experience? Who happens to know a lot about something you are curious about? Download Braindater, powered by E-180, and book spontaneous Brain Dates with fellow Startupfest participants when you have some free time, while onsite. Think Tinder for knowledge-sharing!

Curious? Listen to my conversation with CBC Radio host Nantali Indongo.

Still want to learn more? Drop by the Startupfest ASK tent and our matchmakers will happilly tell you all about it.

Happy braindating!

PS. In the near future, multiple spaces and events will be active simultaneously on the app. Whether you are an airport manager, a coffee shop owner on an event planner, we invite you to leave us your info if you are interested in offering Braindater to your visitors.

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