E-180 is C2 Montréal’s Connexion Partner for the Third Year in a Row

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Photo: S. Agnieszka, C2 Montréal 2014

Photo: S. Agnieszka, C2 Montréal 2014

Once again this year, E-180 reveals the wealth of knowledge available at C2 Montréal, helping attendees learn from each other, in person.

As C2 Montréal 2015’s Connection partner, E-180 Labs (E-180’s « services » branch) is contributing its Hub matchmaking platform, which is specifically designed to foster one-on-one knowledge-sharing meetings (braindates) among attendees. Our on-site Matchmakers are also making a comeback in the Brain Dating Lounge to connect valuable strangers and help them make the most out of those three days of serious creativity.

We will also be unveiling an exclusive little (big) surprise. We believe it’s going to change the world for ever, and can’t wait to tell you about it.

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Already more than 350 braindates scheduled through Hub
C2 doesn’t start until Tuesday, and yet at this time, on Friday May 22nd, participants have already collectively scheduled more than 350 braindates through Hub. Historically, most braindates are planned on the day before and on the first day of the event. This is shaping up to be a great edition.

Living C2 in good company
We will be sharing our excitement with a few of our partners and collaborators: friends from MoMAMITForbes Conferences, BizBash, Auditoire, Deutsche, Interior Design, IXDA, gsmprjct, Eastern Bloc, Alpine ReviewJ.W. McConnell Foundation, as well as a few E-180.com star members will be joining us at C2 to experience the new standard for conferences.

If you feel like being part of this adventure with us, and attend C2 Montréal this 26-28 mai at Arsenal, take a look at our Facebook page. We hope to see you next week!


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