Hundreds of Brain Dates in Egypt

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In early March, E-180 was at the 2015 Egypt Economic Development Conference where we transformed this international conference, in partnership with Richard Attias & Associates, into a peer-learning hub. The EEDC Marketplace platform revealed itself as an important tool for this peer-learning community comprised of leaders and activists devoted to creating and supporting a new future for Egypt.


Hundreds of Brain Dates were booked and we were on site to help creating these meaningful connections that were fostered among the three thousand attendants.

Here is what some of the participants had to say about their Brain Dating experience!


With Labs E-180,
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“I had over 20 Brain Date meetings. When properly used, the app doubles the probability of meeting the right people.”


-Alexander Shkuratov, Managing Director at Pride Capital


« My Brain Date counterpart was beyond impressive. He runs a large corporate business in the area. Meeting him is exactly what I was looking for. »

-Abdelaziz Abdelnabi, Co- founder – Catalyst Partners


« I found the conference to be really innovative, especially because of the EEDC app. It’s so simple – you don’t have to be a tech to use it. »

-Markus Donath, Program Coordinator at GIZ


« The Marketplace app is brilliant! That’s life isn’t it? You meet people and you connect. Sometimes you get it right and sometimes you don’t. But this time all I can say is it’s just brilliant.« 


-Donald Gillanders, Chief Executive at Airboss Limited


« When my meeting didn’t show up, the matchmakers connected me with someone else. He turned out to be exactly the type of person that I was looking to meet. I had a great meeting thanks to spontaneous matchmaking. »


-Ghazi Qutub, CEO at Smart trading City co


“I have used other apps at the World Economic Forum and other conferences of the like and I can honestly say that the EEDC Marketplace app is my favorite.”

-Ali Tulbah, Managing Director at McLarty Associates


“You know, my generation is not used to using apps but the help of the matchmakers really made this experience very enjoyable.”

-Tomoe Ikeda, Chairperson at Ceramica Cleopatra Japan Ltd


“The meeting was great. The person I met is very excited about what we talked about and so am I. I think this is going to be a good fit. We are signing a date for them to come visit us. It’s a perfect match.”

-Khalid Alzayani, Honorary Chairman at Alzayani Investments Group


“I don’t think my meeting would have been possible without the app. Thanks to the human connection in person, we were able to move quickly – we’re meeting in London next week!”


-Mohamed Soliman, Chief Technical Officer at Lord International


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