1000 Brain Dates in Qatar and Morocco

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In November 2014, within our agreement with Richard Attias & Associates, E-180 was present at Doha GOALS and the Global Entrepreneurship Summit where we transformed these international conferences into peer-learning hubs.

This is how it looked like!

Doha GOALS 2014


“Community Connect transforms the conference experience from passive attendee to pro active participant. Far more than simply a scheduler, it functions as an online marketplace of skills, expertise… The result: meetings are more productive, more engaging and more profitable.” Lesa Ukman, a Chicago based leader in sponsorship consulting and founder of IEG

GES 2014


« Every meeting opens a door for a new innovation.” -Asmae Ajana


« It was my pleasure to talk with five young entrepreneurs and share my life experience. These young people are my heart children. » -Khadija Cheddadi


“When you come from a foreign country, it’s not simple to get in touch with people, especially when there are thousands. This platform helps get in touch easily and to the core of the subjects rapidly.” -François Adade


« Marketplace raised the bar. My idea went from local to international. » -Hamid Kennou after he met with Mustapha Abdous


“Opportunities happen when you come with an open mind. It’s all about human connections!” -Johanna Boudinet


Christine Renaud, CEO and co-founder of E-180, presenting the Marketplace platform to Penny Pritzker, the United States Secretary of Commerce. We were even more proud when she told us that she loved the concept.


“I love the Marketplace Live, its my favorite place!” -Giovanni Porcellana


« The experience is inspiring! I wish we will have this tool in our university. » -Sofia Barim


« It answered the reason I came here. Thank you Marketplace and Matchmakers! » -Sara El Atlassi

GES2014-Marketplace-2014-11-19-IMG_5412    GES2014-Marketplace-2014-11-19-IMG_5426   GES2014-Marketplace-2014-11-20-IMG_5460  GES2014-Marketplace-2014-11-20-IMG_5476          GES2014-Marketplace-2014-11-21-IMG_5535    GES2014-Marketplace-2014-11-21-IMG_5558


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