Yarndevu.com: A New Community of Knitters and Crocheters Who Meet and Learn from Each Other

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[Press release] Pre-registration is now open for Yarndevu.com, a new matchmaking hub connecting yarn enthusiasts interested in meeting to share their knowledge – and their love – of the craft.

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E-180, Inc. is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Yarndevu.com , a new matchmaking web platform connecting knitters and crocheters interested in learning from each other, in person. Powered by E-180, Yarndevu.com will allow yarn enthusiasts to find out who they should meet, in their own town or locality, to share specific knitting or crocheting tips.

”I often come across people who say they would either like to learn how to crochet or knit, or need help with a current project », says Irene Iannelli, a Certified Crochet Teacher, owner of the Hooked On The Sound (HOTS) Crochet Guild and social media coordinator of the New York City Crochet Guild. « They need a real person to give them a hand, but I never know who to point them to.” That is precisely what Yarndevu was designed for: help yarn enthusiasts and newcomers go outside their current networks to find the right match.

There is always something to learn from a fellow knitter or crocheter
Sharing the love of the craft has always been a big part of knitting and crocheting culture. According to the Craft Yarn Council, more than 80% of yarn enthusiasts have taught someone else to knit/crochet. 89% of them use the Internet as their number one source for finding patterns. Yarndevu.com leverages the networking power of online technology, with the explicit goal of connecting people in person, so that they can learn from each other, one on one, in the context of “rendez-vous for yarn lovers”.

Yarndevu is set to launch in New York City in early 2015, and then to spread to other US towns and cities. Knitters and crocheters – experts and novices alike – are invited to register now on Yarndevu.com to be first informed of the upcoming launch.


About Yarndevu – Rendez-vous for Yarn LoversYarndevu is a collaboration between dedicated yarn crafting educators and marketers and E-180’s innovative technology team, who came together with a mission of empowering more people to enjoy the life-changing benefits of knit and crochet.yarndevu.com


About E-180 – Brain Dates for Learning HumansE-180, Inc. creates matchmaking web and mobile tools connecting like-minded people interested in learning from each other, face-to-face, one-on-one. We call it “brain dating”. Since the launch of E-180.com, E-180, Inc.’s flagship product, it has fostered thousands of brain dates among members in Montreal, Québec City, Paris, New York and San Francisco.E-180.com

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