E-180 raises $434,000 to turn spaces into learning hubs

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Great news for E-180! The Canada Media Fund is investing $434,000 for the development and marketing of E-180’s mobile application. The objective: foster spontaneous one-on-one peer-learning meetups among humans who happen to be at the same place at the same time.

E-180, Inc. crée des outils de jumelage permettant de connecter des gens intéressés à apprendre les uns des autres, face à face, en personne.

E-180, Inc. develops online and offline matchmaking tools designed to connect like-minded people interested in sharing knowledge in person, one-on-one.

Revealing the wealth of knowledge that surrounds us

The idea is to use predetermined spaces as hubs for humans with concurring interests, in order to facilitate the flow of knowledge among them through quick and easy meetings. The app will allow us to reinvent the experience of visiting a cultural institution such as a museum or a library, and even create learning and networking opportunities in places like airports, where we find a critical mass of people in a waiting context.


For example, as you are visiting a museum exhibit, you could easily find a nearby passionate human to share his knowledge of the artist’s process. Or you could find out more about the city you are about to visit by chatting with a local who is also waiting for his flight.

Isn’t this an exciting world we live in, filled with knowledge to share and humans to meet?

The E-180 mobile application is funded by the Canadian Media Fund under the Experimental investment category. 

The E-180 mobile application is funded by the Canada Media Fund (« Experimental » category).

Be among the first to try out the app

In order to develop the best mobile peer-learning app that could ever see the light of day, we will be testing the prototype we have already readied thanks to a first round of funding from the Canada Media Fund.

Make sure you follow E-180 on Facebook to learn when, where and how.


E-180 is hiring!

This new round of funding (not to mention all the other great projects we are working on) also means that the E-180 team is about to grow a bit quicker. We will soon be actively looking for curious humans to join us and fill the following roles:

To learn more and apply to join the team, drop us a line at team@e-180.com.

See you soon in a museum, library or airport near you!

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