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That’s right — Gabon!

Manu and Alina flew 9500km to help the 1400 participants of  New York Forum Africa learn from each other.

Manu and Alina flew 9500km to help the 1400 participants of New York Forum Africa learn from each other.

Manu and Alina traveled 9,500 km help the 1,400 attendees of the New York Forum Africa learn from one another thanks to the E-180 matchmaking platform.

May was quite a month! In addition to being part of three major Montreal-based events (POW2014, Chromatic and C2MTL), the E-180 team created a peer-to-peer learning and matchmaking platform to connect the participants of the New York Forum Africa, held from May 23 to 25th 2014 in Libreville, Gabon.

The forum, now in its third edition, brought together nearly 1,400 business leaders, high-ranking executives, young entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers to discuss the economic development of the African continent.

Similarly to the Doha GOALS conference, which E-180 took part in a few months ago, the event was organized by our friends Richard Attias and Associates as part of the New York Forum international conference series.

BEST OF NEW YORK FORUM AFRICA 2014, by Richard Attias & Associates on Vimeo.

Manu and Alina were onsite to help participants make the most of the matchmaking platform (called « Marketplace ») and monitor the results.

Here are some examples of the meetings that took place, facilitated by E-180 at the event:

– Yaw Owusu believes that a technological park can be established in Ghana to create a foundation for start-ups can flourish in. By browsing through the Marketplace, Yaw found Dan Shine who has an expertise in the Silicon Valley, THE hub for start-ups! Who knows what this meeting will lead to!

– Gautam Rao, an upper management specialist from Science Po Paris was strategic. He sent over 30 meeting requests knowing that the more he sent out, the greater the chance of meeting. The Marketplace connected him with people he would otherwise not reached, example: Michel Sidibe from UNAIDS.

– Veda Sunassee came with a clear mandate: to connect with the Minister of Education of Gabon. He had no idea how to make that happen so he reached out on the Marketplace – within three days he reached his goal, talking with the minister’s team based on shared interests, projects and ambitions.

Photo: New York Forum Africa

Photo: New York Forum Africa

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