E-180 connects C2MTL 2014 participants

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E-180 is back at C2MTL! For the second year in a row, E-180 acted as matchmaker for the 3000 trail-blazers participating in the C2MTL international commerce and creativity business conference. By uncovering the rich bank of available human experiences and knowledge available at the event, the matchmaking and peer-learning platform developed by E-180 maximized networking opportunities and facilitated hundreds of  knowledge sharing meetups among the high-level executives, creatives and entrepreneurs gathered in Montreal on May 27, 28 and 29, 2014.

Photo: Jimmy Hamelin, Sid Lee

Photo: Jimmy Hamelin, Sid Lee

Since C2MTL 2013, « Hubert » became « Hub », but the objective remained the same: just as we do through E-180.com, the goal was to facilitate peer-learning meetups among smart humans with similar interests. During the 3-day conference, Hub users created thousands of Offers and Requests for knowledge, and then booked hundreds of one-on-one meetups with each other to discuss and share insights, expertise and experience.

Quelques exemples d'Offres de connaissances publiées sur Hub par les participants à C2MTL 2014.

A few examples of Offers published on Hub by C2MTL 2014 participants.

We especially appreciated this comment by one of them, Hailo Co-President Justin Raymond:

« [Hub] opened up the whole conference for me. »

That’s exactly what we strive to do. The humans gathered at an event such as C2MTL represent a extremely rich bank of knowledge and experiences. Our mission is to reveal this bounty and facilitate sharing.

To get an idea of what this looks like, here is a little video we filmed at C2MTL 2013. It illustrates how E-180 is turning spaces, organizations and events into peer-learning hubs:

C2MTL 2014 also marked a big comeback for E-180 Knowledge Markets. During these highly-targeted networking and learning activities, facilitators match participants based on Offers and Requests for knowledge relating to the content of the conference. They were a big success this year, and we can’t wait to show you pictures.

What a month for E-180! Did you know we were also at POW2014, Chromatic, … and in Gabon?

See you on E-180.com: discover all the wonderful things you could be learning thanks to humans near you. 

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