Sharing knowledge: the key to creativity in business

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Press release | Local startup E-180 brings peer learning to three major business events this May in Montreal: POW (RJCCQ), Chromatic (MASSIVart) and C2MTL.

This spring, organizers of three major business events in Montreal are collaborating with E-180 to put peer learning at the core of the networking and learning experience offered to their participants. The future business leaders attending POW2014, a large gathering organized by Regroupement des jeunes chambres de commerce du Québec (RJCCQ); the artists and members of the Montreal business community attending MASSIVart’s Chromatic Cocktail; as well as the trail-blazers attending the C2MTL international business conference, will be meeting and sharing knowledge with fellow participants thanks to E-180’s online matchmaking platforms and offline Knowledge Markets.

Matchmaking tools focused on sharing knowledge
The online and mobile platforms developed by E-180, Inc. connect event attendees based on what they wish to learn or on what they wish to share, and then facilitates the scheduling of in-person, one-on-one peer-learning meetups during the event.

“Who knows what you could learn from the person sitting just two rows over?” asks Christine Renaud, cofounder and CEO of E-180, Inc. “By revealing the pool of knowledge available at an event, we help participants maximize networking and learning opportunities.“

“E-180 meetups are punctual, and the connections they create are based on values of sharing and learning: when two people meet through E-180, there is no hidden agenda, no expectations other than having a meaningful conversation on a predetermined topic. This makes eventual longer-term relationships much richer and much more solid,” she adds.

Three major business events leveraging the E-180 approach this May
On May 3rd, more than 500 young entrepreneurs, managers and professionals from all across the province will be connected through an E-180 matchmaking platform: POW2014, organised by RJCCQ, is the first wide-scale event gathering members of the future generation of Quebec business leaders. Special timeslots have been reserved specifically for one-on-one peer learning meetups scheduled through the online tool.

Attendees will also be invited to an E-180 Knowledge Market: a highly targeted and fast-paced networking event during which facilitators match participants based on “Offers” and “Requests” for knowledge linked to conference topics.

MASSIVart is also calling upon E-180 to help connect event attendees: on the evening of May 21st, members of the Montreal art and business communities gathered at the Chromatic Cocktail will be exchanging points of view in an E-180 Knowledge Market focusing on creativity and innovation.

For the second consecutive year, E-180 partners with C2MTL and puts its expertise at the service of the 3 000 high-level executives, entrepreneurs and creative types gathering in Montreal on May 27, 28 and 29. E-180 Knowledge Markets – voted “coup de coeur” activities by C2MTL 2013 attendees – will be back in force, as well as E-180’s matchmaking platform. Last year, more than 1 000 peer learning meetups were planned during last year’s 3-day event.

“The acceleration and circulation of knowledge across disciplines and fields is crucial to enhancing our ability to make links among them,” says Benoît Berthiaume, CEO of C2MTL. “Therein lies innovation and creativity in business. Our utmost objective!”

“E-180 offers participants a simple way to meet, learn from, and inspire one another. We are very proud to find such an innovative solution right here in Montreal,” he concludes.

The Montreal startup also brings its matchmaking and peer learning expertise to events around the world, including conferences organised by Richard Attias and Associates, namely the Doha GOALS international forum in Qatar, and the New York Forum Africa in Gabon.

E-180 – Brain dates for learning humans
E-180, Inc. creates matchmaking web and mobile tools connecting like-minded people interested in learning from each other, face-to-face, one-on-one. E-180, Inc.’s flagship product,, is a free, online service akin to a dating site, but for knowledge sharing. Since its launch in 2011, has fostered hundreds of peer learning meetups among its 4500 members in Montreal, Québec City, Paris, New York and San Francisco. The objective: develop the potential of individuals and their communities around the world. 

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