E-180 connects the participants of Doha GOALS 2013

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Doha GOALS 2012

Stronger from C2-MTL’s experience, E-180 will connect the participants of the Doha GOALS 2013 forum via our customized platform, specifically designed for the event.

Doha GOALS is a 3-day forum that gathers world leaders and top stakeholders – CEOs, governments officials, athletes, NGOs, federation heads, urban developers, coaches, managers and medical experts – to advance individual development and social improvement through sport.

3 days. Thousand of attendees. How to fully benefit from all the human potential gathered in Qatar for the conference? By connecting through our matchmaking platform called Community Connect! 

It’s easy. When connecting to our customized platform, attendees, conferencers and organisers can look at each other’s profiles, which presents their offers and requests for knowledge, their hobbies and even the workshops to which they will partake. Our powerful matchmaking algorithm recommends the best people to meet, based on their personal information. Then, they only have to meet and learn! A novelty for this event will enhance participants’ experience : a coffee space transformed into a peer-learning environment called Community Connect Live!

PL DG2012

The conference is produced by Richard Attias & Associates, a strategic communications firm that provides private consultancy and creates ideas initiatives. Its mission is to help leaders, corporations and nations build their global influence, catalyze innovation, and mobilize communities around the global exchange of ideas, focusing on economic and social challenges.

E-180 is proud to associate itself to Richard Attias & Associates to support top of the line actors tackle wolrdwide social issues through sport, by helping them connect and share their knowledge.

You are organizing a major conference and you want to foster meaningful connections among participants through knowledge-sharing? Contact our CEO Christine Renaud via christine (@) e-180.com or visit e-180.com/#/services.

You would like to tap on the human potential in your community? Connect to our free platform E-180.com!

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