Six Organisations To Become E-180 Peer-Learning Pioneers


The E-180 Pioneers Programme is taking six (6) organisations through a unique co-creation process designed to quickly help us build and launch a high-quality peer-learning tool within our flagship matchmaking platform: private knowledge-sharing groups on

Private peer-learning groups on
We see organisations as groups of people who, although they share common interests, all have their own set of experiences and expertise. We are on a mission to offer members of these communities a simple and efficient way to take advantage of this rich pool of knowledge. This is what the new exclusive knowledge-sharing groups are all about.

The private peer-learning groups will be developed based on the needs expressed by our twelve Pioneers, and will eventually be offered as a new feature on Thanks to the input provided by the twelve organisations from all walks of life will soon have access to a powerful tool specifically designed to help their members or employees connect, meet and learn from each other.

Developing through crowdfunding and co-creation
The idea behind the Pioneer Programme is to spread the costs of building private peer-learning goups on among twelve organisations who are interested in getting priority access to a state-of-the-art matchmaking and knowledge-sharing tool, developed according to their own needs.

By participating in this crowdfunding project, the twelve Pioneers will also be gaining valuable insights from a group of forward-thinking peers on the strategic implementation of knowledge-sharing in various organisations.

All the while supporting a social enterprise that decided to avoid the traditional funding models in order to retain ownership of its mission.

The first Pioneer to join the Programme is the Montreal Inc. Foundation, which is particularly exciting.

E-180’s Peer-Learning Pioneers (list to be updated regularly) :





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