Conferences As Peer-Learning Hubs | E-180’s Learnings From C2-MTL

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At the end of May 2013, we added a substantial pin on our scout vest: creating the main networking platform for all attendees of groundbreaking creativity and business conference C2-MTL.

Called Hubert (as in « hub »), this « virtual concierge » followed the same basic objective as our flagship E-180 platform: facilitate peer-to-peer learning meet-ups among humans with similar interests.

During the conference, just like our 3000 members regularly do on, users created Offers and Requests for knowledge and then booked one-on-one meet-ups with each other to discuss and share insights, expertise and experience.

Screenshot of the platform

The results far exceeded our expectations:

  • 1033 confirmed meet-ups
  • 1370 Offers published
  • 1376 Requests published
  • 1770 of the approximately 2500 attendees connected to the platform

We also hosted three daily E-180 Knowledge Markets at C2-MTL. Offline, event-based versions of our web platform, E-180 Knowledge Markets create intimate, stimulating environments where participants engage in conversation on pre-determined subjects, again on the basis of Offers and Requests; only in this case these are written by hand on giants boards.


During E-180 Knowledge Markets, participants are matched live by the hosts, based on Offers and Requests written by hand on giants boards.

We got a lot of positive feedback from attendees like these:



What this tells us: There is a growing need for peer-to-peer interaction and knowledge-sharing in conferences.

Much like the world of education, the world of conferences is changing. People want more than sit in rows and receive the gospel from a single person on a stage. They want to engage with the content, interact with each other, share their own experience, and actively learn by doing. Conference attendees expect tools to help them explore the guest list so that they can maximize interaction, networking and learning opportunities.

The value of an event like C2-MTL (or TED, for example) is tightly linked with the profile of attendees (what Just For Laughs President Andy Nulman calls « Who’s In the Room« ). The person sitting right next to you could be just as relevant for your business as the speaker, or « expert » on stage. But how do you find this person? How do you know? Those events are expensive, and although a touch of serendipity might help keep things interesting, attendees need to use their time wisely.


This leads us to think that we are in the right place at the right time. We are currently talking with representatives of other organizations interested in seeing what a matchmaking/peer-learning platform such as Hubert could do for their own events or corporate culture.

If that’s your case, don’t hesitate to drop us a line, we would love to help your members, employees or attendees learn from each other.

We couldn’t thank the C2-MTL team enough for trusting us with such an important element of the event. We met outstanding people and learned a lot through the experience, and we can’t wait to start talking about 2014. Hubert is going places.

Forecast: the fun has only just begun.

The happy E-180 team at the end of day 3.

The happy E-180 team at the end of day 3. Watch out, world.

Video coming next week. Until then, for more insights regarding our adventures at C2-MTL 2013, check out this colourful photo album on Facebook.


Couldn’t attend C2-MTL this year? No worries, join the E-180 community and find out what your peers have to offer.

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