E-180 takes on New York, Boston, Paris, Poitiers

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Hangout avec Maité, membre étoile à Paris

One of the many Hangouts of the past weeks, this one with Maité, star E-180 member in Paris

Based on a successful experience with a star team of volunteers in Québec City, we recently called upon our members outside of Montreal to see who would be interested in helping develop the E-180 peer-learning community in their home town.

A little less than two months, many Google+ Hangouts, a few Skype meetings and one very exciting trip to New York and Boston later, here is what we have to show for ourselves:

– we are now more than 2 600 members based in no less than 361 towns and cities around the world;

– the first E-180 meetup in New York City took place in Times Square;

– after meeting with a few members in Paris, Maïté organised the very first Knowledge Market in European soil, representing E-180 at the OuiShare Fest in Paris;

– the Cambridge/Boston community is solidifying, and we found a kickass team (Abby and Nate) to help grow it;

– we have good hopes for a Knowledge Market in Poitiers before summer is over.

Once the 3 000 CEOs, entrepreneurs and innovators attending C2-MTL this month all go back to their respective cities after using Hubert, our peer-learning matchmaking platform, we might even see a little boost in our international membership.

In other words, things seem to be moving in the right direction!

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