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Welcome Hubert  - C2MTL

After months of hard work, we are proud to present Hubert, a platform developed especially to connect the 3000 international CEOs, entrepreneurs and innovators to attend C2-MTL, the international business conference on commerce and creativity taking place from May 21st to 23rd in Montreal.

These are not your common users: the platform will be connecting speakers like Sir Richard Branson and Elle MacPherson, as well as executives from companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Deloitte and Ubisoft (see full list here).

Taking in-person peer-learning to the C-suite
What makes Hubert different from more event traditional networking platforms is that it is not only built especially to facilitate the booking of meetings among attendees, but it also recommends participants to meet based on the expertise they can share and the information they are looking for.

Does that ring a bell? Yup. It sounds a lot like Actually, it is built on the same powerful matchmaking algorithm we use to recommend meetings to our own members. Only in this case, we are betting conversations will be revolving around innovation and creativity in business, and the calendar only has three days.

Banking on the power of “who is in the room”
As eloquently mentioned in a recent article by Andy Nulman, Just for Laughs President and C2-MTL 2013 speaker, at an event like C2-MTL, it’s all about who’s attending. The person sitting next to you might just as interesting as the person on stage.

By revealing the expertise and interests of all attendees, Hubert makes sure they leave nothing to chance, and helps each participant better take advantage of available networking and learning opportunities.

We can’t wait to see who meets who at C2-MTL.

Meetings - C2MTL

Join us at C2-MTL!
To celebrate this amazing opportunity, we thought we would give a little something back to our members, and offer one of you a one-day all-access pass to C2-MTL (value of $1 500). Contest details here.

Logo Hubert

You can learn year-round by registering to E-180, a matchmaking site connecting you with like-minded people interested in sharing knowledge, over a coffee.

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