The life of a SXSW Core conversation: building “Think outside of school, learning is everywhere”

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Mozilla ladies

Sunny and Emily from Mozilla Open Badges, getting ready for tomorrow.

After weeks of discussing over Skype, I’ve finally met up with Emily and Sunny from Mozilla Open Badges to fine-tune tomorrow’s session at SXSWedu and its follow-up at SXSW Interactive. It feels surreal to be collaborating with people you’ve never met and yet who feel like old friends. These are wonderful times, my friends.

We had been struggling for quite a while as to how to make the best out of our hour-long Core conversation, as our goal is to “walk our talk” and apply our values of peer and informal learning to our session. How can we engage potentially 80 people in a meaningful conversation within a short 60-minute discussion? How can we dig deeply quickly and make the most out of the wealth of knowledge available in the room?

Introducing: the Mind Map.
We’ll use the hour we’ll spend together at SXSWedu to build a mind map answering the following question: How can we foster and capture informal learning as learners, edupreneurs and educators?

After a brief introduction, we’ll work in subgroups on four key elements of our Informal learning mind map:

  • Motivations
    • What inspires learners to drive their own learning experiences?
  • Sources of learning
    • Where do individuals discover out-of-school opportunities for learning, online or offline?
  • Assessment
    • How might we evaluate appropriateness of learning opportunities and determine whether learning is truly taking place?
  • Measures of success
    • How might individuals determine personal meanings of success in learning? In other words: when do we know that informal learning is successful?

Anything else we should cover to answer our question? Leave your suggestions in the comments section and join us tomorrow, Tuesday March 5th at 1:30PM for our initial discussion, or on Sunday, March 10th @ 11:00AM for the follow-up!

Want to know more about the work of this Core conversation organizers? Visit Mozilla Open Badges and E-180, a matchmaking site connecting you with like-minded people interested in sharing knowledge over a coffee.

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