Living in Montreal, a special edition Knowledge Market at the CCA on March 23rd

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Following the success of our most recent Knowledge Market, where a great number of you got to share travelling tips and insights, we are now turning to our own native land: lovely Montreal.
Birds-eye view of Montreal
The next Knowledge Market — i.e. the next in our series of thematic peer learning events where peeps get to share knowledge on a particular subject — will revolve around Living in Montreal.

WHAT: E-180 Knowledge Market – Living in Montreal edition
WHERE: Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), 1920, Baile Street (see map), as part of the ABC:MTL exhibit
WHEN: Saturday, March 23rd, from 2 to 3 PM
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We will be setting up four thematic hubs to facilitate sharing, and our gracious hosts will be there to help you find participants who can answer your questions, or inversely, benefit from your own knowledge.

Here are these four hubs, as well as examples of potential Offres and Requests you could find associated to each of them:

1.  Housing and accommodations in Montreal
How and where do you buy a house in Montreal? What to expect when renting your own apartment on AirBnB while travelling? What are the best neighbourhoods for young families, which ones offer schools with interesting educational projects? Why opt for coop living?

2. Eating in Montreal
Where can you find the freshest vegetables in Montreal? How do you start a community kitchen, or a restaurant? How to turn your balcony into a luxurious garden? Why and where would one practice dumpster diving? What’s the deal with raising chicken in the city? Can Montreal become a honey producer?

3. Taking back public spaces in Montreal
How would one go about creating a green alley in Montreal? How do you organize a block party?

4. Transportation in Montréal
How to safely use your bike as your main means of transportation? Any tips for actually running to work every morning? Car sharing: is it worth it?


Wonder what a Knowledge Market looks like? Check out these pictures on Facebook.
Marché des savoirs CCA
E for EXCHANGE: Co-creation of a collaborative learning space on March 23rd at the CCA

This event is part of a larger event organized by the CCA and E-180 in collaboration with moitié-moitié and Espaces temps: what we are actually doing is inviting you to co-create the prototype for a collaborative learning space, in the context of the exhibit ABC:MTL.

The objective: to imagine and test an actual collaborative space to be created in Montreal in the fall of 2013.

More info here.

To register for one of these events (or both –it’s free!):

*UPDATE 2013/04/02: check out the photos here*

You can learn year-round by registering to E-180, a matchmaking site connecting you with like-minded people interested in sharing knowledge, over a coffee.

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