The Canada Media Fund grants E-180 $110,000 for a new project!

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Guernica and knowledge exchange

Imagine yourself at the Museum of Civilisation in Quebec City for the exhibition A history of Video Games. All the people around you are as curious as you you are about gamers or professional video game players.You’re a teacher and are always on the lookout for new challenges and you ask yourself: “I wonder if teaching skills could be useful in the video game industry?”

You take out your phone, enter your question in La Trame, an application powered by E-180. A few minutes later, you find yourself at the museum’s E-180 meeting point and meet Phillipe, a video game designer. He quickly explains the process of creating a game and answers your questions. Voila! The museum has turned interactive.

This is the project E-180 is launching thanks to the $109, 560 in development funding obtained by the Canada Media Fund who we would like to thank for its confidence in us. The E-180 team also wishes to thank the following wonderful people who have been extremely generous with their time and expertise, allowing us to better understand the reality of cultural institutions:

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