Knowledge Market – Travel edition… pack your bags, we’re off!

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Knowledge market travel

A couple weeks ago you read about something about {insert country} that tickled your curiosity. Images have been scrolling in your mind and you find your to do list has been growing longer. You only have two weeks of vacation… How are you going to plan everything and fully enjoy this trip? Maybe it’s better not to plan anything, maybe it’s better to stay in Quebec, annnnnd the anxiety rolls in….

The solution: The Knowledge Market, Travel edition!

Since we’ve come to the time of year where we’re planning our next vacation, E-180 invites you to a travel edition of the Knowledge Market. It will be a 6@8 of knowledge exchange with an international flavour where you can leave with practical advice from other participants and event partners, to plan your next getaway .

Join us on February 26th, 2013 at Café Matina, 272 Bernard West from 6 to 8pm to share your tips from travels you’ve already completed and get some practical info for the the trips you’d like to venture out on in 2013! On the menu are delicious bites from moitié-moitié, a free beverage from E-180 and the advice of our partners (they’ll be announced next week). Also, for this first edition, it costs nothing for you, wonderful participants, whether you’re a member of E-180 or not!

On the program, an island theme organised by continent making it easy to meet participants with similar interests and special projects such as:

      • International Cooperation
      • Sailing
      • Work and study abroad
      • WOOOFing
      • Couchsurfing
      • Hitchhiking
      • Limited budget
      • Around the world

Make it fast!

There are only 100 spots available so register now!
We’re looking very forward to meeting you and sharing knowledge together!

You can learn year-round by registering to E-180, a matchmaking site connecting you with like-minded people interested in sharing knowledge, over a coffee.

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