Give and you shall receive: a self-centered approach to doing good on E-180

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It’s not easy to know what it is we can offer others.

Who am I to give advice? Isn’t there a ton of people much more qualified/experienced than I am?

On the E-180 platform, when confronted to the question “What do you have to offer other members of E-180?”, it’s quite tempting to get stuck in dubious reflective quick-sands regarding our true worth and the deep, absolute meaning of our lives on earth.

Offrir c'est approfondir - Illustration: Caroline Lavergne -

I say forget Paulo Coelho. What I’m proposing here is a much more self-centered approach to sharing your knowledge on Rather than asking yourself what you have to offer the human race as a whole, ask yourself which parts of your practice, projects or interests you would like to further, deepen and solidify.

Hear me out.

In order to explain something to a peer, we engage in a process that forces us to structure our thoughts, to put the right ideas into the right plates, and make the whole thing intelligible (digestible) for the person listening and avidly taking notes over coffee.

That is to say, we force ourselves to better understand what the deuce it is we are talking about. Isn’t that an enriching exercise?

Every time I’ve met someone to share knowledge over coffee through E-180, I felt that the experience was as nourishing for me as it was for the person whose more explicit role it was to “learn”.

You know what they say: to teach is to learn twice.

For example, in order to help Heri understand my approach to press relations, I had to rationalize this aspect of my own professional practice and take time to reflect on my methodology. This played an essential part in ensuring we made the most out of the hour we had. Not only was the “learner” happy about all the organized knowledge and tips he was getting, but I got to become a better consultant, a better public relations professional. I even gathered some valuable insights on needs and issues my clients could be facing.

I should add that being helpful doesn’t require you to be an expert, that’s the beauty of a knowledge-sharing platform like E-180.

Just be confident in your own learning processes: learning is never over. What you have discovered and absorbed so far can represent a wealth of valuable information for other human beings willing to listen – as long as you make the effort to properly organize your thoughts.

And by taking the time to share this relative expertise, you are giving yourself the opportunity take a step back on what you are working on.

Caroline is a star member of E-180. Follow her suit: dig deep into your life and develop your talents through E-180!

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