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E-180 au CCA

The year 2012 ended with two flashes of great news, both strangely linked to a new direction the E-180 team wants to take in 2013. We want to invest in public space to promote the exchange of knowledge between two people that find themselves in the same place at the same time.

The first newsflash made us scream with joy (Literally. I actually bawled). Drumroll…. E-180 has received funding from the media for our project The Frame (La Trame)!!!!! (Find out more here.)

The second bit of great news: we were contacted by the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) in Montreal to present a workshop on the relationship between peer to peer learning and space, place and the city as part of its exhibition ABC: MTL (including the magnificent graphic design created by FEED). The map seen on the E-180 home page, where we can trace all the offers and requests of our members, will also be part of the exhibition in March!

We’re also working on a (still top secret) project in collaboration with Espace temps and Moitié-Moitié, questioning the impact of space on learning. Our workshop will take place on March 23rd between 2-5 pm at the CCA and you, cherished members, will all be invited to participate in this living laboratory.

What would the perfect place for your E-180 meetings or general informal learning look like to you?

We want to know, through this survey, the elements present or absent in a space which, in your opinion, are ideal for your E-180 meetings or learning informally in general. Whether you have already experienced a meeting via E-180 or not, what would a space look like that would motivate you to learn or share knowledge on a Saturday afternoon or Tuesday night?

We will then recreate the space  (as much as possible) in the CCA building and we’ll invite you to schedule E-180 meetings or just come and use the space for an hour or two. We will then gather together to discuss your experience to better understand the impact of the presence (or absence) of various elements on your learning (or sharing your knowledge).

To help us build a dream space for you on March 23, please take 10 minutes to fill out this survey!
See you at the CCA in March!

Want to meet people to learn new things? Sign-up on E-180 and share your knowledge in person!


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