Portraits of Potential: Marc Pronovost unblocks his creative potential

Posted on janvier 13th, by Salima in Portraits. No Comments

Dancing spontaneously in public, Marc takes the first step towards unblocking his creative potential.

Portraits of Potential is a project by Salima Punjani that aims to help people see the power in their own potential through capturing their dreams in portrait photography.

Marc Pronovost dreams of helping people realize the power of dance as a form of expression both through being an example in his own performances as well as through outreach programs. But, Marc’s feeling blocked. He’s feeling stuck in an identity crisis between where he is and where he would like to be, who he is and who he was. Marc looks forward with the launch of E-180 to be in touch with composers so that he can create his own music to complement his choreography.  He also hopes to enhance his creative perspectives by learning from people that see the world from another point of view, such as those that work with children and people with special needs.

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E-180 has officially launched! Wanna learn by meeting people in your community? Sign up now!

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