Nobody told me 2013 only has 11 months!?!

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No one told me 2013 had only 11 months! Because honestly, I have no idea where January went. I’ve had: “Write a post summarizing 2012 and introducing 2013,” on my to-do list for the past 25 days!!!

At the beginning of each year, I look back at my successes and shortcomings in every sphere of my life: intellectual, creative, financial, spiritual, family/friends and professional (very E-180) and decide what I’d like to accomplish in the year to come.

This year for example, in the intellectual sphere, I’d like to read a book per week. I’m starting with this goal, not because it’s the most original, but because I’ve been loving it so far! It makes for earlier mornings, fuller days and quieter nights, but it’s an excellent way to keep a sense of balance in a busy professional schedule.

In brief, on the professional side (I’ll ignore my spiritual journey, it was the biggest loser in the battle between all the other spheres and time), 2012 has been a year of revelation, opening and research for E-180, where we have moved from a closed community to a community that is more and more open, locally and internationally.

E-180 Evenements 2013

Here are some of the highlights from 2012:

      • The hiring of our first employee: Melanie Mercuri, who had done an amazing job, as you’ve seen through the generosity of her responses!
      • Lots  of  travelling to share our work and to inspire us through best practices in social entrepreneurship, collaborative learning and interactivity as well as feel the pulse of our Southern neighbours.
      • The establishment of our extraordinary committee of ambassadors in Quebec
      • The redesign of the platform thanks to the excellent work of Félix Ménard and Byebye Bambi.
      • A bi-lingual version of the platform thanks to Paul, Ellen and Salima.
      • The introduction of our premium services consisting of closed E-180 platforms destined for groups that would like to offer their members/employees an exclusive matchmaking space with the aim of meeting and sharing knowledge.
      • Participating in Knowmads society, a book already available on the web and soon to be released in print form.
      • The launch of the site using responsive design, allowing you to use E-180 on your mobile phone.
      • And other excellent news!

2013 promises to be a year full of inspiring projects that will allow us to push our work on peer-to-peer learning even further and where the E-180 team will expand! The program:

      • To consult with you more dear members, to get to know your needs and expand our services. Does the idea of collaborative learning plans seem interesting? What about closed groups that would allow you to connect with and share knowledge solely with guys who play hockey or with your community of practice?
      • The gamification of the platform, with a meaningful reward system in line with our mission.
      • An education hackathon to contribute to developing new initiatives/tools to facilitate innovative education in Montreal and around the world.
      • A stronger link between E-180 and wherever you hang out. Thanks to the mobile version, you can have knowledge exchange meetings in a flash with those present in the same place as you.  It could be the museum, library, airport… perhaps the first E-180 certified café?
      • A significant increase in membership! Today, the 29th of January at 22:12 we have 1822 members. Our goal for this year: 50, 000 members.

That’s our direction for 2013!

I’ll end with a confession disguised as a conclusion. Sometimes we feel completely euphoric and confident about the work we do, but sometimes we feel a little anxious. Do we live up to your expectations? Did we make the right decisions? Are we sufficiently present, listening, innovative, fast, strategic? Were there any bugs resistant to Alexandre’s dousing of insect repellent?

Each of the comments that you took the time to share with us this year in person, via the website, Facebook or Twitter has been read and discussed. One way or another they have influenced our work, decisions and priorities. It is not every day that you see us in the person as was the case in October. But, when you connect to the platform, when you deck out your profile, when you meet other members and share your gratitude with them via a review- it’s during those weeks, somewhere in the Plateau Mont -Royal in Montreal, three people who are working really hard are happy and confident that everything is well worth the effort.

Want to meet people to learn new things? Sign-up on E-180 and share your knowledge in person!

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