Portraits of Potential

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Tania Jimenez, the founder of Moitie-moitie is pictured here, blowing spices symbolic of her dream of creating connections between people through food. Image copyright Salima Punjani

What keeps people from realizing their dreams?
How can people unlock their creative potential?

Inspired by a number of things such as lessons from a Sivanada Ashram in India and the work of English photographer Jo Spence who worked with using photography to help in her process of healing, I decided to create my own sort of photo-therapy. I want to help people realise their potential through reflecting desires, hopes and dreams through portrait photography.

Portraits of Potential by Salima Punjani on display at the launch of E-180 this October at La Cenne in Montreal. Photo credit Louis Lavoie

When I started working for E-180, I saw how bringing people together to learn from and encourage each other went hand in hand with Portraits of Potential. Informal learning through our peers is an action that complements the idea of helping people realise their dreams.

These portraits are meant to reflect that what we desire already exists within. We already are what we want to be. My hope is that people will use these portraits as motivating factors, as reminders and reflections of their potential.

These portraits were exhibited at our super awesome launch party on October 25th. If you missed it, no sweat, over the next few weeks I will be posting these portraits on the E-180 blog.

Please feel free to comment here or contact us via Twitter @e180en  or www.facebook.com/education180 .

E-180 is launching in the very near future. Wanna learn by meeting people in your community? Sign up now!



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