Portraits of Potential: Tania Jimenez-Blowing the spices of social change

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Tania Jimenez blowing the spices of social change into the world.

Portraits of Potential is a project by Salima Punjani that aims to help people see the power in their own potential through capturing their dreams in portrait photography.

Pictured above Tania Jimenez, the founder of Moitie-moitie an organistion that uses food as a building block to bring people together. Read about Tania and her dream below.

Tania is blowing the spices of social change, a symbol of the many ways food can help people improve their quality of life.

BUT it is hard to build a team without money and it takes time to develop a network of people with similar interests.

WHY E-180? To chow down with like-minded people that can help her push forward her business model for moitié-moitié.

“I am working hard to be a social innovation consultant in order to collaborate or build projects that will help people improve their quality of life.  My initiative to start changing things was to create moitié-moitié, a series of culinary activities bringing people from different cultures together in order to share experiences, exchange ideas and open a door to intercultural dialogue. As a social innovator the big challenge is to build (or be part) of a network of people with the same interests and be able to work together. For moitié-moitié, the challenge is to build a team without money. From E-180, I think having a conversation with entrepreneurs that have been successful in their companies, meeting other social innovators to create partnerships and meeting someone that would help me to push forward my business model could help me to achieve my dream.”

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