Top 4 Learning on the Fly hangouts in MTL!

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Montreal is full of places where you can learn without planning or realising it… here is a list of team E-180’s top 4 “Learning on the Fly” hangouts in the city. 

Head Spank by Jeffrey and Rachel Vanneste on Flickr

Learn how to protect yourself against invaders and fierce demons…

Get decked out in your best medieval digs and join the knights in shining armour (and school kids in t-shirts and jeans)… at the medieval sword fighting battle in Parc Mont-Royal on Sundays during the Summer.  Here you can learn how to kick some enemy butt with battle gear constructed out of foam and rubber and join the masses of growling, adrenaline charged fighters! Everyone is welcome to join at their own risk. Afterwards, instead of kicking you can do some shaking and pick up some new moves down the hill in Jeanne Meance Park where hoards of people gather to listen and dance to Tam Tams, Montreal’s legendary weekly drumming circle.


Hillbilly Night at the Wheel Club in NDG, Montreal. Photo Credit cjeremyprice on Flickr

 Learn to line dance from the masters

Stepping into the Hillbilly Night at the Wheel Club in NDG feels like stepping into a country music video from the 70’s, pre-70’s actually as all songs played during the Monday night shindigs have to be from pre-1966. Here you can observe and pick up some killer line dancing moves, get style tips from the fashionably dressed fan base, take in an old country atmosphere and, while you’re at it learn some entrepreneurial skills from the cheap snack table ladies.


Public transport rocks! Photo by Fanny B on Flickr.

Beyond the gossip

Going past the OMG can you believe what he did?!? conversations, there’s a lot to learn by taking public transport. From passing by and discovering the consistent array of new and worn in shops and cafes on the bus to events around the city posted in metro cars, to the unique artistic designs of each metro station there are always unexpected learning opportunities waiting above, below and around every corner…  To read about some of Montreal’s metro art check this out.

Get your craft on

Le Milieu is an up and coming creativity co-op based in Montreal opening the doors at its new location on October 13th. It promises to be a space for spontaneous skillshares, D.I.Y and cultural participation for all! The team behind the movement collects and redistributes craft materials, reducing waste in landfills while at the same time providing a bunch of awesome goodies for making whatever your heart desires. You are welcome to come to their grand opening and learn about the community around it and some new crafting skills!




So that’s it for our top four ‘learning on the fly’ hangouts in Montreal for now. Thanks to the folks on Twitter and Facebook who helped us out with creating this list so far and there will be more to come!

Please feel free to comment here or contact us via @e180en on Twitter or .

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