SOCAP in San Francisco: feels like home.

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« If you go to San Francisco, you won’t come back. »
« Oh, you’ll love this city! »

My friends were right. I love this city, and I don’t want to go home.
I do want to go back to Montreal, honey, don’t worry: I just don’t want to leave this mindset. It has actually not much to do with the city itself (ok, I loooove the food trucks, and the ocean is pretty sweet…), but more with the great people I’m meeting at SOCAP, a « world-renowned conference series dedicated to increase the flow of capital toward social good. »

Here’s a curated list of my best-of. You’ll find no San Francisco restaurants, nor anything linked with the (AMAZING) shopping the Fog City has to offer. Here’s to the people I met, and their restless work to make our world an awesome place for all of us.

Best conference idea
SOCAP decided, instead of providing the attendees with bag of swag that usually ends up it the garbage of hotels, to give each attendees a 5$ wood token to invest in one of the chosen social entrepreneur’s projects. What a great idea for our friends at C2-MTL! I chose the Ruby cup, from Veronica D’Souza:

We work with menstruation, one of the main causes of school drop-out for girls, a stigmatized issue that is often overlooked. We sell Ruby Cup, a menstrual cup that is re-usable for 10 years on the ground in Kenya through women to women sales. This way, we solve the problem sustainably, increase education about the issue, and generate income for the women. And we wish to scale globally so that no woman or girl should be hindered in her life opportunities because of menstruation. We started our company because we believe that business should be the driver of solving global challenges. For us, this is meaning that matters.

Best local idea
Not enough cabs in San Francisco. Let’s use the power of mobile to create a people-powered on-demand car service. Talking about collaborative consumption!

Best revolutionary idea
If you invest in woman, you change the world. For real.

Best new friends
That’s something I’ve experienced in SXSW: international gatherings act as a hub for great people from your very own country and communities. That’s how I met Vinod, co-founder of the Hub Ottawa and Julian, founder of Schools without borders and collaborators for Making Good. Cheers bros.

Now, let’s dance to Dam Funk.

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