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Do you sometimes feel like you’ve put your dreams on hold? Would you like to participate in a photography project to reignite your motivation to achieve your dreams?

Greg Murnaghan flying a plane, reflective of his dream to be a pilot. Part of the series « Portraits of Potential » by Salima Punjani.

Greg Murnaghan’s dream is to be a pilot. He recently moved to Montreal to continue his pilot’s training after the flight school in Prince Edward Island closed down. Flight school is pricey, and he’s worried about it. What he hopes to gain from the launch of E-180 in English is some help on how to manage his money better in order to complete his training as soon as possible. He also looks forward to having more access to the Francophone community in Montreal.

Greg participated in “Portraits of Potential” a photography project I started,  where he was photographed in his ideal vision of himself, flying a plane. The photograph serves as a reminder that his dream is possible and acts as a reflection of what his future can hold with the right support.

If you would like your portrait featured you can contact me via salima@e-180.com to set up a photo-shoot in the month of October.

E-180 will launch in English in late October! Wanna learn by meeting people in your community? Sign up now!

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