How to recognize and share your skills and knowledge

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A participant at the Institute du Nouveau Monde’s annual summer school this year searches through a wall of offers and demands from her peers. These offers and demands were later matched up by the E-180 team. Photo credit Salima Punjani


Do you want to join E-180 but don’t think you have anything to offer? You are not the only one: we hear it all the time.

I remember a friend recently talking about how I should start a career on helping people to think outside of the box. Although it was said in gest, it really got me thinking about how I can use this ability to help others think more creatively about their options.

In anticipation for the launch of the public version of E-180 and English language version of the project, I will be writing about how to recognize and find ways to share the skills/knowledge you have as well as building on them through learning from others.

The main approach I hope to share with you is called Asset Based Community Development. I learned about this approach through an international internship in 2010 with the Coady International Institute and Oxfam Canada Ethiopia.

Although the context I had a chance to observe this approach in practice was quite different, I feel the process and tools are incredibly relevant to the E-180 platform as they help to acknowledge and recognize strengths at both the individual and community levels.

This community asset map was constructed during the March Social Innovation Forum. The forum is a monthly event organized by Springboard Innovation, a Portland-based nonprofit that supports social entrepreneurship and « community-led community change ». Photo credit Aaron Ray on Flickr.


Well, lets start off with this question to get us going:

What is the last event/landmark in your life you were proud of and how did you achieve it? Did anyone help you achieve success, if so, how?

Stay tuned to the E-180 blog for our weekly series of blog posts on how to recognize and share your knowledge and skills.

Please feel free to comment here or contact us via @e180en on Twitter or .

E-180 will launch in English in late October! Wanna learn by meeting people in your community? Sign up now!


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