Badges, Hybrid classrooms and Gardens: this week’s picks in innovative education!

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We are constantly looking out for some inspiration on informal and innovative education. Here’s our team’s top 5 for this week.

1. Collaborative Learning Startup Skillshare Launches Hybrid Classes, Letting Anyone Join Online Or Offline
You can organize Skillshare workshops in your city! « Now Skillshare is allowing teachers to create classes through which that will be available globally. With the launch of its new hybrid classes, students will be able to take part in collaborative learning through local classes as well as online. »

2. Replacing The Classroom-As-Factory With Collaborative Learning
Fast.Co.Exist has wonderful content. « For centuries, Jewish students have studied the Talmud by learning through discussion and argument. Can U.S. education take anything from this ancient tradition that puts debate, not lecture, at the center of learning? »

3. Digital Badges: Catalyst in the Evolution of Higher Education or “Killer App” for Alternatives?
Badges, a panacea? « So… institutions of higher education and private corporations that are serious about assessment and willing to be accountable will publish their criteria and the assessment information as evidence that their badges can be taken seriously. »

4. August’s 30 Days of GOOD Challenge: Back to School #30DaysofGOOD
What are you going to learn this August? « We’re calling August’s 30 Days of GOOD challenge « Back to School » because we’re committing to learning something new every day.  »

5. School Gardens, Back-to-Basics Cooking Energize Public School Cafeteria Options
This makes me unbelievably happy. « In 2001, a grassroots group of revolutionaries – parents and activists who believed education should incorporate healthy eating – planted a few modest gardens in four DPS schools. This Seed-to-Table program, managed by parent organization Slow Food Denver, has flourished. Today, there are over 50 school gardens in several districts. A second classroom, these gardens offer hands-on learning opportunities incorporating lessons in problem solving, teamwork, and nutrition.  »

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