E-180 is the Knowledge Ambassador of the 2012 International Startup Festival

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E-180 at the International Startup Festival

We have been working at it for a little while now and are thrilled to announce that we have developed a partnership with the International Startup Festival, taking place this week in Montreal, to become their Knowledge ambassadors! What does it mean? Well:

At the Startup Festival we believe that using technology to connect people at physical events is simply not good enough or the tools are too complex; so we have partnered with a third party (of humans) to augment the opportunity for people to meet each other at Startupfest. A hybrid of humans and technology.

Our promise is that you’re going to be meeting the right people at the festival so we’re excited to be featuring Knowledge Ambassadors, sponsored by E-180 at the event.

E-180 is a Montreal-based startup whose mission is to connect you with like-minded folks interested in sharing knowledge. No need to be “an expert” to be useful to the guy sitting next to you during that fascinating talk at the event! For instance, a founder who wants to apply to 500 Startups will obviously want to chat with Dave McClure, but spending an hour with an alumnus like HighScoreHouse is even more useful.

Knowledge ambassadors will be available and walking around the venue talking to you good people in order to figure out what kind of knowledge you have to share or want to acquire. On the spot they’ll reveal all the skills and knowledge available which will enable you to connect with the people who need what you’ve got, or vice versa.

So make sure to keep an eye out for our Knowledge Ambassadors, who will be on site to help you formulate your knowledge Offers and Requests and to connect you with your perfect match!

Interested in testing it out before the event?

So International Startup Festival attendees, don’t let us rest until you have all met someone fantastic to learn from or share your knowledge with! See you all there!

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