E-180 at the Startup Festival: The Ins and Outs and all Abouts

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A meeting to discuss SEO!

It was such an awesome and inspiring event for us, that I wonder… where to begin… where to begin… How about a recap?


The second annual International Montreal Startup Festival was a grand gathering of individuals from around the world, some of them entrepreneurs, some of them service providers or investors, looking for fresh ideas and/or support. The festival had a grand prize of 50,000 dollars to the start-up that had, what an official jury thought to be,  an amazing product! The idea of support, however, is where we came in…


E-180 was the official Knowledge Ambassador for the International Startup Festival. The perfect synergy between E-180’s expertise and a realisation of Philippe Telio, founder of the Festival:

At the Startup Festival we believe that using technology to connect people at physical events is simply not good enough or the tools are too complex; so we have partnered with a third party (of humans) to augment the opportunity for people to meet each other at Startupfest. A hybrid of humans and technology.


Festival attendees would tweet or give us notice as to the wonderful bits of knowledge they could share with other attendees, as well as request the things they wanted to be knowledgeable about. For example, we retweeted and archived Sarah Queen‘s offer to share her knowledge so that others could view it and respond:

Over 50 people were matched!

Overall we were thrilled by the opportunity to be able to help bring people together so that they could share with one another. It’s one of the main purposes of the festival in the first place right?

The first day, we gathered a substantial database of OFFERS and REQUESTS. With about 80 of them, we set out the next day to see if anyone could benefit from an offer of knowledge or help with others’ requests. We managed to MATCH about 50 people.

In the process, we took some wonderful pictures of people with their requests! We also photographed a few meetings!

They talked about us

We were fortunate enough to have many people come by and ask about us. Here’s The Gazette video blurb about E-180, and an article from Les Affaires.

Something to Learn

After having a postmortem meeting to discuss the ins and outs and all abouts of our performance at the festival, we fell upon a couple of key points to improve upon in the future.

1 – It would have been great had we managed to make more available and accessible the database of OFFERS and REQUESTS, which was only on our blog. One way we could have done this: have computers or screens at our station so people could come to our booth and actively search the database.

2 – A perfect meeting place! We noticed a few people had trouble setting a time and place to meet up. If we provided a space at our booth, all they would have had to do was set a time. For the next event, a coffee setting: a couple of chairs, tables, coffee and a photo op! This way we could have had a better idea as to how many people actually met up.

3 – It is necessary to really embed the matchmaking experience as a central mechanism of the events in which we are involved. For example, before each speaker, the MC could announce an offer that meets someone’s request, and establish a time and place for them to meet after the presentation.

In the end, we had an absolute blast! We met great people, talked about ideas, helped others find what they needed and most of all got people connected so that they could share knowledge!

What’s next for E-180?

I noticed that several people asked me this question during the fest, and I thought I’d sign off today in giving you the response.

Well ladies and gents… for one, we launch our French and English public sites in Montreal in the Fall. But second, in terms of festivals…? We can hardly wait for the next one!! Get your knowledge caps on and your offers and requests ready… we’ll see you there! ; )

To see more pics from the event check out our Facebook page.

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