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***UPDATE: (07/17/12): Did you want to do the Crazy Learning Project but the timing wasn’t great? Don’t worry you still have time to register because we decided to change the deadline to… NO MORE DEADLINE for submissions. Let your urge for knowledge burst out: we can help you realize your craziest challenges!

Vous auriez aimé réaliser le Fou défi, mais le timing n’était tout simplement pas opportun? Ce n’est que partie remise puisqu’il n’y a maintenant PLUS (dans le sens de pu pentoute!!!) de date limite pour les inscriptions. Laissez libre cours à vos envies de connaissances: on peut vous aider à réaliser vos défis les plus fous!

Ever try to go a month without eating sugar, or drinking coffee? Ever decide to finally get your creative juices flowing by committing to see a different dance show every Friday? Sometimes, to create major changes in our lives, we need a big, personal challenge. What if you applied that discipline, that need for a challenge, to a crazy learning project?

Interesting! But what do I do exactly?

The Crazy Learning Project involves meeting with as many people as possible, face to face or Skype, who can teach you something you’ve always wanted to learn… or with whom you can share your most precious knowledge, over the course of a pre-defined period of time. Our blog will be at your disposal to document your stories and the best ones will be made into a book on crazy peer-learning projects!

What’s an example of a Crazy Learning Project?

– You’ve always been impressed by some of your friends’ cool factor? Meet a new person everyday for a month over a coffee, to learn different ways to be “cool”. (that’s Jake Kring’s idea)

– You have it inside of you, but just can’t seem to get it out? Meet one new musician a day for a week to learn how to write lyrics for a song and record it!

– Do you die a little inside when you visit your friends’ poorly decorated apartments? Find the 5 worst interior design disasters and help turn them into Dwell-like inspirational spaces. Document the before/after process on our blog!

– You have a business but no new clients? Get coaching by 4 people and attend one networking event, with the goal of signing one new client!

Apart from having the time of my life, what are the benefits of participating?

– Your public commitment will help you achieve your goal. You’ll be able to get the support of E-180 and its thousands of followers in finding fantastic people to meet!

– The best projects (best documentation, best visibility, most original) will be made into a book about crazy peer-learning. The more visibility and enthusiasm you get from the community, the more likely you’ll be chosen!

– We’ll make sure to give you as much visibility as possible, which could include local, national and international media (if you feel like it).

– Your experience will inspire our talk at the #140edu Conference in NYC as well as other talks we do year round.

Sounds rad. How do I apply?

Apply anytime! Once you’ve come up with an awesome, original idea, just follow the appropriate link and fill out the form!

 Montreal: Apply here!

 World: Apply here!

– Choose your subject. Be bold and creative!
– Plan your meetings. Who will you teach? Who will teach you? How often? For how long?
– Make it challenging (that’s the fun part!) but set realistic goals.
– You’ll have to document your process on our blog: how will you share your adventures? By writing? Video? Drawing?
– Applications are processed on a rolling basis: get it in now! The most creative projects will be chosen in the weeks following the deadline.

Need inspiration? Read this or watch this:

Any questions? Want an idea validation? Email me at paul [at]

Not interested? Not a problem! Maybe some of your friends would be: help us find crazy curious people by sharing this blog post! Also, help us build the critical mass we need to make peer-learning awesome for all by sharing the personal promotional link you received when you registered on E-180.  Encourage your friends to embark on our adventure!

We’re getting serious about getting curious.

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