An alternative to university learning: Article

Posted on juillet 6th, by Paul R. in Hacking education. No Comments

Photo credit D. Sharon Pruitt

There was a great article by Kamila Hinkson in the Montreal Gazette today about emerging alternatives to university education. Here in Montreal, online learning and education platforms are springing up, and providing new ways for people to not only learn but share their knowledge. ‘clssy‘ is one of these platforms. If you know and are enthusiastic about a particular subject, you can post a class offering, which potential learners can then brows for and join. A location is then chosen, and everyone meets up for the lesson. Quite exciting! It’s wonderful that light is being shed on alternative ways of learning, as well as the fact that University no longer guarantees a job.

At E-180, we are thrilled to hear about initiatives like this, as it is also our goal to participate in the democratization of education, and provide alternative ways for people to share their knowledge with others in their community!

To read more about clssy and AUP (Alternative University Project), check out the article at



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