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This week we are talking about matchmaking!

You see, anyone can be a learning hub… Imagine someone wanted to learn something, and you knew all about it.

You could help them, and we can help you do that!

In fact, we, E-180, would like to do this for any of you who are attending the 140edu character conference. If you are attending the conference, tweet your request for knowledge or your offer to share some knowledge and we will try our best to help match you up with people there. The idea is to spend 20 minutes or so during the breaks to meet with people who can share knowledge with you.

In your tweet, use the hash-tag #E180 and #140edu with your REQUEST or OFFER for knowledge and if there is anyone following who can help or anyone we can match you with, we’ll let you know with another tweet: MATCH ALERT.

If you notice a Request you can fill, just contact the person directly, likewise if there is an Offer that meets your needs! Just let us know if you meet, because we are curious… Here’s how it went, when we acted as Knowledge ambassadors for the International Startup Festival in Montreal.

Once we’ve made the match, its up to you to plan to contact the other and meet! In the end, you’re building your network, making a new friend, and becoming more knowledgeable all at the same time!

Co-Founder and CEO of E-180, Christine Reneaud, will be speaking at the 140edu conference.



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