Learning Into the Future – 7 websites for alternative education

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We say:

Meet someone, learn something.

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school."

And they say…

Skillshare: Learn anything, from anyone, anywhere
: Learn Something new. Discover lessons from real people.
: Learn from your community, one hour at a time.
: It’s time to change the way we’re learning in classrooms.
: Welcome to the learning revolution.
Open Study
: Study together.
Khan Academy
: Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything for free.

As a promoter and contributor to collaborative, peer-to-peer learning, these websites are of particular interest to us. What do they all have in common? Something we love… Collaborative, innovative, inexpensive and creative learning, thanks to the relationships created through the web.

Many people wonder what this is all about. It’s simple.


Where will you take your schoolbags next? - Photo cred. Alastair Vance

– The cost of education is escalating to ridiculously.

– It used to be that a bachelors degree meant you had a job. Now with educational inflation, you need to spend more money and get a higher level degree to stand out.

– People with degrees are not guaranteed jobs in their domain of study.

Wait what? Degrees are becoming increasingly benign? To an extent yes.

Now, I’m not telling everyone to forget about formal education. However, there needs to be a shift in how and what we learn. Make way, then, for these marvellous, game changing, platforms.

With overwhelming, globe-challenging problems, those we need to tackle now and into the future, collaboration is going to be one of the golden keys to innovative education.The death of the lecture hall? Maybe. But not because everyone will stay home: simply because people are using spaces to collaborate, not to be lectured in.

In tackling big problems Einstein himself admitted:

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.

Educational innovation through technology and collaboration, will open up new networks and crossroads of knowledge and stimulate imaginative thinking for resourceful solutions to ‘wicked problems’. Everyday, more and more new learning opportunities are born.

How do your foresee learning in the future?

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