E-180 is invited to #140edu… and that’s a Crazy Learning Project!

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E-180 - Meet someone, learn something - 140edu

The changes in the way we live our lives must create change in the way we teach and learn. The real-time web should create profound changes in the way we think about what, how and why students and teachers can do, create and communicate. The very nature of what we consider “school” should be radically different given the powerful reach of the communication tools our students have at their disposal. #140edu is dedicated to exploring and expanding that change. – Jeff Pulver, Founder of the #140 Conference.

We are very proud to announce that we will be speaking (and by « we » I mean « I »), along side with a pretty impressive roaster of inspiring educators, at the #140edu Conference in New York, on July 31th and/or August 1st.

I’ll give a presentation on what I know best: peer-to-peer and informal learning. It’s not my first public presentation, but this time, I want to take it to another level and give a great, inspiring presentation, that will truly convey how passionate I am about peer-learning and the impact it has on E-180 members. As the launch of E-180 in English is approaching, the #140edu conference is a fantastic opportunity to make our work known South of the border!

So. That’s the perfect topic for my very own Crazy Learning Project:

« How to write and deliver a killer speech, in one month, in a foreign language? »

Who are the best public speaking coaches out there? Or maybe I should also meet people from related disciplines (theatre, mime)? What do you think of Toastmasters?

Who do you think I should meet?

Come register at E180, to help us build our English community in preparation for the site’s English launch in the Fall. Soon you will be able to meet and share with people in your community. Also, keep an eye out for our Crazy Ambassador Project!



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