E-180 Academy: Peer-to-peer Learning With Your co-Worker

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You might be wondering about the structure, or the sudden changes in voice in the article. Seeing as how it is about collaboration and learning, we figured we would write it together.

I’ve known Mélanie for quite some time now. We’ve worked on several film projects together throughout our university life and learned quite a bit in the process…

Actually, we think a more accurate description of that would be: we’ve laboured, poured our mind’s life-essence and every ounce of our being into our films. We’ve spent nights discussing avidly, lunchtimes sharing our anxieties, 14-hour-days shooting (and not sleeping enough), countless rewrites and self criticisms, not to mention painstaking re-edits… and re-edits of our re-edits. Okay, okay, okay… I think you get the picture. The two of us have spent more time together than it takes for a happily married couple to turn into Grumpy Gus and Nutty Nancy. AND, now we work together… and we’re still learning.

Mél with bronchitis, Paul with nervous-itis (photo by Karine Paradis)

What are we learning from each other?

One thing I find that I continue to learn from Mélanie is structure. I noticed her ability to do this while we worked on our films (ex. organizing Final Cut folders). I’m still learning how to apply it to any kind of work. At E-180, she’s shown me how the hundreds of tasks we need to do, can be properly organized with simple note taking techniques. Not only does this allow me to clearly visualize what I need to do, but, also, what I have already done. Everything is visually structured; a key component for me in terms of understanding the nature of the beast, (E-180 social media), and ways in which I can enhance my methods.

I liked how Paul applied creativity in all spheres of his life, how he always pushed himself out of his comfort zone and encouraged me to think outside the box. During pre-production of our second film together, he designed some incredible shots in order to invoke specific emotions in our viewers. This inspired me. I now challenge myself on my writing techniques. When I need to compose a blog post, a newsletter or a simple tweet, I see where and how I can add some ‘funky’ to it to make it more engaging and elicit emotion.

Hard at work, late at night (photo by Karine Paradis)

Also, not to be overlooked, and perhaps most practically, we both get to practice our second languages while we work: me, French, Mél, English. A true benefit for the both of us here in Montreal.

So where did this friendship and mutual learning begin? With an obligatory school project. Though overwhelmed with school work, we took the few minutes (okay hours…), to discuss and explore our interests, strengths and weaknesses. So don’t roll your eyes when the teacher announces a group project! Just take a few moments to stop and get to know the other person.

If you take five minutes of the time you say you never have, and start a conversation with your co-worker (yes, the person sitting next to you and no, not about the weather) you might learn something valuable! And this is exactly what peer-to-peer learning is: to be able to develop a friendship, personal or professional, created through the sharing of knowledge.

Mélanie & Paul R.
Community Managers

Come register at E180, to help us build our English community in preparation for the site’s English launch in the Fall. Soon you will be able to meet and share with people in your community. Also, check out our Crazy Learning Project! The Montreal deadline is this Friday.

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