Danielle Pullen: Why E-180?

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My dad has directed my church’s choir now for many years. Several years ago, he turned to a choir member, and a long time friend of ours, Danielle Pullen, to help him out on his directorial duties. They now alternate from week to week, and if either is ever away or sick, they have each other as a backup. A great little system for a modest volunteer choir!

When my dad first approached Danie, she was more than willing. She described her first time directing a challenge and thrill all at the same time! After a couple of services, she was hooked.

Photo credit - Haags Uitburo (Maurice)

Earning a Masters in Musical Pedagogy at McGill University, she was, some would say, the perfect candidate to teach others music, and, from personal experience, I can tell you she is a pro at it! There was something missing. Though she could teach everyone the music, she had never stood in front of a group of people and directed them in a live performance. There were some things she needed to find out; things that were not included in the list of classes for obtaining her degree.

She had seen my dad direct the choir for years, and did indeed seek his council. She learned several key things from him to be sure, (even though he never studied directing professionally), but wanted to expand her knowledge a little more, by seeking out a source that had a slightly more formal background on the matter.

This is where the trouble began. She started by looking for books. While there was some decent information available, it did not satisfy her need for a more professional angle or opinion. She tried searching for master classes at Universities, but they were all too formal and regimented, and were aimed more for directing large professional choirs, (something that would not be very applicable in her situation). She looked online and to her dismay, she couldn’t find much of anything.


When I told Danie about E-180, she shared this story with me and basically said, “That’s what I need!” I had to give her the unfortunate news that the English public platform had not launched yet, but this didn’t dampen her spirits. She quickly registered and expressed enthusiasm.

Photo credit - Andy Buscemi

This is what she more or less expressed to me:

“I just wanted to be able to talk to someone, who was more knowledgeable in formal techniques; someone who could impart personal experience all the while having a professional knowledge base.”

With E-180, you can find people, with any sort of background, able and willing to share their knowledge. It is meant for cases such Danie’s. It brings people together who would not have ever previously had the chance to meet. It is a unique network based on learning that utilises the power of personal, one-on-one type interaction. It is not a class, it is not a lesson, meeting someone is an experience.

Join us. You will love it.

Come register at E180, to help us build our English community in preparation for the site’s English launch in the Fall. Soon you will be able to meet and share with people in your community. Also, check out our Crazy Learning Project!

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