A blue mountain in my school… and other collaborative learning spaces.

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Here, we’re far from the crumbling bricks, dirty, disparaging windows and old worn desks… « Schools kill creativity« , says Ken Robinson? Well, not at Vittra Telefonplan, a school in Sweden (yup, another wonderful idea from such an innovative country).

The Blue Mountain - Credit: Follow the link, http://www.rslnmag.fr

The Cinema - Credit: Vittra Telefonplan

The Red Wall - Credit: Follow the link, http://www.rslnmag.fr

The Green Mountain - Credit: Follow the link, http://www.rslnmag.fr


The free school, as all are in Sweden, has taken a new approach to their teaching methods. Their website explains:

Collaborative learning, information literacy, development plan, mutual respect…

Certain key quotes clearly depict the motifs of their pedagogical methods:

We believe that children should have the same environments for developing and learning as Google’s CEO.

A six-year-old’s learning and ideas are just as important as the department of development at LEGO.

Creating a relationship based on mutual respect and understanding and building a strong foundation of trust is key for personal growth and learning.

The book Learn for Life, provides other wonderful examples of inspirational spaces that have been created to encourage collaborative learning and professional development. Some of the examples included are kindergartens, universities, offices, and libraries. What is it about this new technological age, (the age of the internet and social media technologies), that inspires a redesigning of learning spaces? Have a look at the book and find out!

Truly inspiring isn’t it?

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