« The best and brightest follow the rules » and other dangerous things you were taught in school.

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The education system is slowly being transformed. More and more schools, educators and parents recognize the need to accept that times have changed and the way we prepare our kids and ourselves for being creative, responsible citizens, and all-around good humans, should follow suit.

But hey, we must also admit that most of us were educated in conservative environments where democracy was taught, but never lived. So when I came across this article from Forbes, I thought it would be appropriate to share it with you.

I’d add to the list of the Nine Dangerous Things You Were Taught In School:

– Technology will distract you and therefore should be banned from schools.
– In order to learn, you must listen quietly and take notes you will never read again
– You don’t know enough about life to know what’s good for you
– Collaboration is wrong and should actually be called « cheating »
– You should always be learning with people of your own age, culture and socio-economical background
The mind is an instrument, you first sharpen it, and then use it.

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