E-180 is invited to TechStars for a Day!

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TechstarsWe are planning on launching our Beta by August and in order to do so, we are looking for the best developer, the best mentorship and some seed funding.

It happens to be exactly what TechStars is offering: the tools necessary to work faster, better and harder to get where you need to be at the end of the Summer. We applied, we got invited to go to TechStars for a Day in Boston next week, we’re ecstatic!! TS4AD is « an invitational one-day mini-camp for TechStars applicants. » It’s not a guaranty you’ll get in the program, but rather a day of networking and tips on how to succeed as an emerging tech entrepreneur.

We’ll keep you posted on the event, the great people we meet, and share some tips on how to take your incubator application to the next level.


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Know what they’re looking for!

Learn about how to get into an incubator by being the underdog!

Reflect on the trade off of « equity vs value added » of an incubator!

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